Many organizations don’t have organizational development and change management experts on staff. That’s understandable. Hiring is often focused on meeting urgent business needs, and the need to manage the workforce strategy often gets kicked down the road. But with growth comes complexity, and the need to manage the workforce strategy (especially change), both for the company and its people, becomes more important. Who makes sure that workforce and change strategy is managed successfully to ensure your organization is living up to its potential?

Unfortunately, with recent trends like "The Great Resignation" and "Quiet Quitting," it is becoming clear that organizational development and change management experts are needed more than ever.

Who makes sure that your people are taken care of (not in terms of benefits and bonuses, but in terms of empowerment and engagement)?

Who makes sure that the culture being developed is deliberate and supportive of your strategic goals?

Who makes sure performance management metrics are designed to drive the right behaviors?

Who makes sure the work unit teams are healthy and productive?

Who supports HR and advises the C-suite when large transformations are needed - or when everyone is working hard just to keep their head above water in the constant "white water" of change in today's business environment?

You may not have a department in HR (yet) that is dedicated to the strategic side of OD and change. You may not have a budget to bring in a whole consultant team to address a specific project.

But the truth is that you also can't afford NOT to focus on the strategic alignment and work of organizational development and change management.

Have you ever heard of the phrase "work smarter, not harder?" When talking about organizations, working smarter means paying attention to the strategic side of the people in your organization (otherwise known as organizational development and change).

EVOLVE understands this dilemma. We know that as businesses grow and scale, tough choices need to be made and sometimes the "best" choice has to take a back seat to what is possible in the moment.

This is why we have created our annual membership that provides fractional Org Development and Change Management expertise at a fraction of the cost of any typical consulting project or full time employee.

We wanted this to be a no-brainer.

You've heard of software as a service? Well... we are offering Experts as a service.

By participating in this membership, you get:

  • A priority meeting at the beginning of every month to determine your needs and how the expert can best support you that month

  • On-demand access to your assigned expert who will get to know you and your organization better every month and help your organization work smarter

  • A set number of hours per month (depending on tier) towards coaching, advising, strategizing, and/or consulting to further support you and your organization's needs

  • Consistent and well-paced progress because of the consistent, monthly support from your expert

  • 10% discount on any add-on support needed (the discount on a $150k consulting project will pay for your annual membership at Tier 1)

  • Various assessments, frameworks, and strategies to address root cause issues specific to your organization

  • Access to the deep knowledge base of the entire EVOLVE organization

The idea of the EVOLVE Annual Membership is that it is (1) low cost enough to be a no-brainer, (2) provides consistent drumbeat support over the course of at least one year, and (3) the expert assigned works with you and your organization over time to understand the nuances of your organization to better design solutions.



You'll receive an expert assigned to your organization, an onboarding meeting with your expert, and a 10% discount on any add-on consulting work for as long as you are a member.



Tier #1:


Best for individual leaders or smaller organizations who want someone to identify root causes of specific challenges and help build OD and change capacity within your organization.

This is the entry level tier with five (5) hours of support each month

Tier #2:


Best for executives or organizations who need consistent support to face larger challenges.



This is the mid-level tier with ten (10) hours of support each month



Tier #3:


Best for mid-sized to larger companies who have project teams or project managers who need expert advising for strategic transformation projects.

This is the top-level tier with fifteen (15) hours of support each month

Join the EVOLVE Community for as little as

$15,000 annually

  • Secure monthly support for the next 12 months with one payment

  • Have a specific OD and change management expert assigned to your organization

  • Make consistent progress on your human capital strategy, culture, and transformation

  • Upgrade or add on consulting support at any time to accelerate your success

You can purchase directly by clicking the button above. If you would rather be invoiced or purchase through a PO, please click the link below to talk to Mary and place your order.

Once you purchase, we will reach out to schedule an onboarding call

to identify your needs and choose the perfect expert from our team to support you.

If you would like to talk to someone prior to purchasing your membership, click the link below to book some time to chat about the membership options.

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